Tuesday 21st April 2015

Discovery UK to air The Vietnam War

April 30, 9pm

3DD’s new 3 part series, directed & produced by Lyndy Saville, starts on Discovery UK on April 30th, the 40th anniversary of the US leaving Vietnam.

It explores everything from the impact of Christian missionaries and French colonialism, to Japan's invasion during WWII, and the rise of Ho Chi Minh, the communist leader who would seize power in 1945, becoming prime minister and president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

That provided the catalyst for a power struggle that would see the nation divided into North and South and would eventually spark the Americas disastrous plan to invade and overthrow the Communist regime in the North, otherwise known as Operation Thunder.

Three years of B-52 raids, napalm and Agent Orange drops, and the horrific My Lai massacre are all examined in this series along with Vietnam's impact back in America.

The conflict was the starting point for a decade of major unrest that would see huge anti-war demos  across America, race riots, the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, the Watergate scandal and ultimately America's withdrawal from Saigon on April 30th 1975.

Join Discovery Channel as they remember and analyse one of the most significant and controversial periods in 20th century history.

*Radio Times - “Pick of the Day” Thursday April 30th 9 pm

*Total TV  - “This superb series, with an atmospheric soundtrack, looks back at the religious divides, the French takeover and how Ho Chi Minh and his communist party appeared to offer freedom from the colonialists. It’s a real insight, particularly into the escalating horror that ensued when the US waded in”