Friday 22nd November 2013

Leading actors select readings and tell personal stories about the meaning of peace to mark the UN’s International Peace Day, including Sir Michael Caine reading from Rudyard Kipling’s “If
who talks about how war took his father away from him as a child and how his own experience of being a soldier at the age of 19 in Korea showed him horrors of war.

Star of the “The Butler”, Forest Whitaker,  reads “I’ve Been to the Mountain Top”,  Martin Luther King, and talks about how the period in the 1960’s were powerful for change in the mind of MLK but how today resonates the same feeling with Whitaker.

Jude Law, actor and producer, star of Sherlock Holmes movie series, reads from “And the Wave Sings because it was Moving”, by Philip Larkin” and explores his passion for the poem as it touches on both sides of life and death.

Actress and star of TV series “The Fall” and “The X-Files”, Gillian Anderson, reads from “The Giving Tree” by “Shell Silverstein“ and explores the selfishness of human beings towards nature and other human beings around them.

UK Comedian and Actor, Eddie Izzard reads “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley  with his own comic timing touches on and how life is a battle with the flowing of the river, or you can think small in the world, or you can look at the world as a “round thing” spinning in a Universe with the large cities as melting pots to create the “live and let live” environment.

Actor Richard E. Grant, reads extracts from “The Hollow Man” by T.S Eliot to reveal the importance of trying, and going for something even if you fail, as failure should not be a reason to be hindered by life but encouraged.

Mexican actor, Gael Garcia Bernal, star of the Mexican film “No” reads an article excerpt by Javier Sicilia and reflects on how peace is seen by actions in a just way, in relation to his life in Mexico, and the need for reconciliation by all sides.

“Fast & Furious” actress Michelle Rodriguez, reads “A Quote” by Osho, and its insight into every human beings’ inner battle between masculine and feminine as she seeks her own deeper understanding of herself as the Peace journey in her life.

A unique film where the actor preform and explore deep themes about peace in our time and what it means to each of them

A Film by Jeremy Gilley

UN International Peace Day September 21st

Running time 60