Wednesday 5th August 2015

A 3DD Production in association with UKTV

3DD’s 4 part series that explores the murders of pre-Victorian London has completed production

For many centuries London was a dangerous place.  It was a magnet for the very worst kind of people.  Murder was afoot and the fear of death was everywhere however police had their work cut out to track the culprits down.

We’ll be investigating some of the city’s most notorious and intriguing crimes.  Sexual intrigue, vicious murder as well as the latest technology fed the nations insatiable desire for gruesome stories of London’s dark side.  

For our first series we cover the Victorian era through Edwardian London and to the outbreak of World War One. This was truly one of the most exciting times of Londons past.  Jack the ripper dominated the headlines, whoever he was he terrorised the Whitechapel  area of London's East End.  But he wasn't the only killer around London has had some of the most unpleasant characters in the capital's history.

“With such fascinating stories we really wanted to take our viewers deep into the world of Dickensian London and recreating this mysterious world of murder has been an unforgettable journey for both cast and crew members. The recurring themes of greed, jealousy and the pursuit of financial gain drive our characters to commit the ultimate crime and allowed us to explore some of humanity's darkest acts. 

We worked closely with Nicholas Day our presenter who hugely benefited the series as he is already an expert in this field and has a huge passion for London’s murderous history.”

Cal Saville – Producer and Writer
Daniel Kontur – Director
Edward Cotterill – Series Producer