Wednesday 11th October 2017

The Stuarts: A Bloody Reign

A 3DD Production for UKTV

Four kings from the House of Stuart sat on the English throne from 1603 to 1688.  It was a time of great religious struggle and political instability. The Gunpowder Plot nearly wiped out King James I. The Thirty Years War broke out on the continent. London was ravaged by the plague and the Great Fire of London. A civil war erupted which led to the public beheading of King Charles I and the birth of a commonwealth headed by Oliver Cromwell. Throughout this series we look at the reign of the Stuarts through the powerful Wynn family at Gwydir Castle in North Wales; one of the best preserved time capsules from that era. The story of the Wynn family reflects the turbulent history of this Stuart era. They had close connections with this new royal house and their status would rise and fall with the successes and failures of Stuart rule

Delivery February 2018