Monday 2nd September 2013

He was part of my life growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, so to have had the chance to work with Sir David Frost – albeit for 2 days -  will always be up there as a major moment.
We were co-producing an Elizabeth Taylor Extravaganza at the Royal Albert Hall and as luck would have it Sir David along with his co-presenter on the night, Stephen Fry were able to host the event, and subsequently turned a great night into a wonderful night to remember …. My highlights were working on the script with both of them late into the evening and the following show day being charged with the task of announcing to the audience that Sir David and Stephen were their hosts for the evening .
Here is a little section of the night… including the added excitement of a certain Michael Jackson next to Ms Taylor’s side

Dominic Saville

SIR DAVID FROST- Elizabeth Taylor - A Musical Celebration