Friday 25th July 2014

Vietnam before, during, and after the American War

April 30th 2015 will mark 40 years after the official US withdrawal from Vietnam.

The series is being produced and directed by Lyndy Saville.
This brand new 3 x 60 series will tell this compelling story through rare footage, stills and interviews with television journalists and academics who have become international experts on the subject.

The three one hours:

During its ancient history, Vietnam had been invaded by a stream of dynasties; the Songs, Mongol Yuans, Chams, Mings, Dutch, Manchus and by the late 19th Century were vulnerable to French Imperialism.
The French lost to the Communist North Vietnamese.
The fear of China and Maoist Communism was too intense for America and the Domino theory was born.
President Kennedy pledged aid to the South in the early 1960’s. When JFK was shot it was as if America could not be seen to withdraw and they gradually were immersed in an endless bloody war.

The Gulf Of Tonkin incident leads to President Johnson ordering an attack on North Vietnamese boat bases.
The Vietcong retaliate and in 1964 the war began.
Operation Thunder follows in 1965, with three years of B52 raids, napalm and agent orange spraying.
The Tet Offensive in 1968 starts to turn the tide in the Vietcong’s direction, and anti-war demos back home intensify.
Martin Luther King & Robert Kennedy are both assassinated.
My Lai massacre is exposed on TV.
It has become A TV war fought on the nightly news for the first time. Everyone was involved and half a million troops were engaged.

In 1971 under pressure, Nixon orders nearly 500,000 troops back to the US.
The final days are coming. Nixon resigns in 1974, and Cambodia, weakened by US bombing is now in the hands of the Khmer Rouge.
The US embassy is evacuated and the US finally withdraws on April 30th 1975.
Vietnamese regime made the South pay for its resistance and the people face an endless battle with unexploded bombs and the disastrous effects of Agent Orange.
Vietnam is now the world’s second largest coffee producer but is still ruled by a Communist state and has changed at a similar pace to China.

Including interviews with
Ben Kiernan - A.Whitney Griswold Professor of History, Chair, Council on Southeast Asia Studies, Director, Genocide Studies Program, Yale University
Professor Anne-Valerie Schweyer - Centre Nationale Se La Researche Scientifique, Paris
Jon Swain - Writer and Foreign Correspondent.Author of River of Time

The series will be ready for delivery on December 15th 2014