Murder Maps
Daniel Kontur

This drama-doc series takes you back in time to the most shocking and surprising murder cases in history. Our presenter, Nicholas Day, guides us into into the world of the killer as we see how police ingenuity and early forensics helped bring them to justice.

Ep 1 - Terror In The Roaring Twenties

Edith Thompson and Frederick Bywaters were in love. But the young couple were convicted for murdering her husband in a case that shocked society and fascinated Alfred Hitchcock.

Ep 2 - The Blackout Ripper

It was WWII and London was rocked by the Blitz from the planes flying above. But down on the streets below another terrible danger lurked in the shadows. A serial killer was on the loose.

Ep 3- The Lady Killer

As Europe recovered from the damage of WWII, soldiers made their way home from the front line. But one man, brought back all the savagery and brutality of the fighting.

Ep 4 & 5- John Christie

John Christie brought death to everyone around him. He managed to pin his terrible crimes on another man  who would be sentenced to death. He eluded capture for years.