Daniel Kontur

At the turn of the 20th Century Europe is in a state of flux, the perfect conditions for the formation of the most terrifying political organization history has seen, the Nazi’s.  How was the country of Germany seduced by them?  Was a whole nation under the spell of the Nazi Party or did the hope of a better life quickly turn sour once the killing began? All these questions are answered as we track the birth, rise and ultimate demise of Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Gradual Beginnings 1889 – 1927

After WWI Adolf Hitler attends the meetings of the German Workers Party, a far right political party centred around racism and anti-Semitism; the natural home for Adolf Hitler’s political beliefs.  He rapidly works his way up and builds a loyal following of the most brutal men in Germany.  Capitalising from the broken state of Germany post  WWI Hitler sets about his revolution.  The infamous Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 was superficially a failure which saw Hitler arrested, imprisoned and silenced from speaking.  But this was only the beginning of a reign of terror.

Implementation of Terror 1927 – 1939

Two key events of the late 1920’s see the foundations of the National Socialist Party firmly cemented in nations psyche:  The ban on Hitler’s public speaking was lifted and Wall Street crashed.  The devastating mix of propaganda and unbridled terror caused the German nation to fall under his spell, seemingly oblivious to the racial hatred being doled.  WWII loomed, the manufacture of weapons meant unemployment was a thing of the past and the economy bloomed and so Nazi popularity would soar.

Death, Destruction and Legacy 1939 – 1945 and onwards

1939 would see the outbreak of WWII, Hitler sets off his blitzkrieg across Europe and after the popularity from taking Poland and France the tide begins to turn.  With a defiant Russia on the East and the American & British on the West the Nazis look to the Jewish population to vent their anger. With the war all but lost and with the German population left in an acute state of shock Hitler and the Nazi Party would carry out one more act of terror and then die but their legacy would live on......

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