Discovering Arts
Lyndy Saville
United Kingdom

A 3DD Production.

In the world of  art, film and theatre the 20th Century manifests a collection of extraordinary figures that continue to leave their impression and contribution. This series brings the artists, the filmmakers and the characters who remain as powerful today as when they first appeared; and changed the way we looked at the world.

Discovering The Arts

Franco Zeffirelli
Filmed at home with the director  in Italy, the great man takes us through his career in theatre film and opera. Interviews in his studio,  home and incredible gardens where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton first met.

A journey into Hamlet the play and the man through the experiences of the major actors and directors who have brought the play to life. Filmed at RSC, Stratford Upon Avon, London Canada and Italy. Featuring: Christopher Plummer, David Tennant

John Huston
A pioneer of film Noir, westerns, war films and epic dramas. We explore his life and works, which include classics such as The Maltese Falcon, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and The Afircan Queen.

Luis Buñuel
The father of cinematic Surrealism, made his film debut in 1929. Considered one of the finest and controversial filmmakers with, L’Age d’Or, attacking the church and the middle classes. He won many awards including Best Director at Cannes and the coveted Palme d’Or

The first adventurer and journalist for children. An icon of his time, best known as the writer and illustrator of  the comic books  The Adventures of Tintin. Controversial in his early years, though now his inspirational stories will live the test of time…

Filmmaker Jack Bond revisits his 1965 film, Dali in New York, the only film ever made with the legendary artist Salvador Dali.
Jack travels to Stockholm, Sweden where the Moderna Museet are holding an exhibition of Dali’s work.  Their screening of Dali in New York leads Jack to explore the enigmatic character of Dali and the surreal nature of his own films. 
As part of his investigation Jack discusses Dali and his work with museum curators and art historians.
Whilst Jack drives through Stockholm and the Swedish countryside in the snow, he reminisces about his friendship with Salvador Dali and the making of his film. 
Through the journey Jack discovers the influence Dali had on his own filmmaking and learns more about the personality and politics of the great surrealist. 
An original and stylish documentary.  Highly cinematic and stunningly photographed.   Discovering Dali, A Tale of Two Cities, features striking footage from Hitchcock’s Spellbound and Un Chien Andalou, extracts from Dali in New York and Jack Bond’s films influenced by surrealism.

Harold Pinter, the writer, actor and activist.
A personal take on working with Harold Pinter from intimate conversations with actors, directors and writers on their experiences of the man and his work.
Triple Bafta winner, Philip Saville, worked with Pinter in 1960 directing his first television play, ‘A Night Out’ for Armchair Theatre and as an actor in Sartre’s ‘In Camera’ (Huis Clos) for the BBC.
The documentary is interwoven with clips from plays and films, archive interviews with theatre luminaries and newsreel footage.
Featuring interviews with:
Sir Michael Caine, Steven Berkoff, James Fox, Henry Goodman, Sheila Hancock, Nicholas Woodeson, Derek Malcolm, Frederic Raphael, Susannah York. Douglas Hodge, Jonathan Pryce, Sir Peter Hall and Simon Gray.