How To Win The US Presidency
Cal Seville

So you want to become President Of The United States? Well congratulations on dreaming big. Prepare for the most brutal assault you will ever experience and may God have mercy on your soul.
Hundreds of people (mostly men) have run for President Of The United States.
43 have succeeded but most of them failed in ever more spectacular and embarrassing ways.
Winning the presidency is a meat grinder. This programme brings US history to life by showing
the battles fought over who should be the country's leader.

The TV friendly JFK against the dark enigma that was Richard Nixon. The peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter, against the Hollywood star, Ronald Reagan. The bookish Woodrow Wilson against the all action 'cowboy' persona of Teddy Roosevelt, which was replicated in 2000 with Al Gore against George W Bush.

Generals, canal boat captains, white supremacists, tailors and even lawyers have all campaigned for and won the presidency. And along the way, all sorts of unexpected and entertaining twists and turns have shaped political destinies and the history of the USA.

A 3DD Production 2016// 1x60’//Written & Produced by Cal Seville